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Germany has a comparably wide spread vegan culture. Especially in cities like Berlin and Hamburg there are lots of options for vegans. Other places in Germany have quite some options, too. Dortmund was for example the location for "Europe's biggest" vegan supermarket at one point in history. A vegan infrastructure is mostly available in big cites whereas in smaller towns you might have to pick products from regular supermarkets which are vegan by chance. Despite the considerable and growing subculture it can be difficult to find vegan meals in regular restaurants and staff very often is not familiar with the meaning of vegan so be prepared to explain if necessary.


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Germany has lots of small vegan shops and bigger supermarkets. A small selection:

  • Die Kichererbse Stuttgart [1]
  • Dr. Pogo Veganladen-Kollektiv Berlin [2]
  • Radixversand München [3]
  • Vegan Leben Leipzig [4]
  • Veganissimi Bremen [5]
  • Veganz Berlin-Friedrichshain [6]
  • Veganz Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
  • Veganz Frankfurt am Main
  • Veganz Hamburg
  • Veganz München
  • Vegilicious Veggie Shop Dortmund [7]

Online shopping

  • Veganic is an online vegan shop shipping to Germany and many other European countries.

Vegan products in normal supermarkets

Useful German

  • I'm a vegan. - masculine: "Ich bin Veganer." / feminine: "Ich bin Veganerin."
  • I don't eat animal products. - "Ich esse keine tierischen Produkte."
  • Is this vegan? - "Ist das vegan?"



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