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Järna, Sweden, is a town of around 9000 inhabitants. It is situated 17 km to the south of Södertälje and 50 km from Stockholm (see map).

Maybe because Järna is somewhat an alternative town with lots of artists and other creative "free spirit" folks, it also has a high number of vegetarians. However, for vegans things are a bit more difficult here: the town has couple of cafés where hardly anything is completely vegan, although sometimes one of the cafés, Åsgatan 2, makes vegan soups. It is possible to get a vegan sandwich upon request, although it usely does not contain more than some basic vegetables with acovado on bread.

There are also a couple of dining places, but neither of those can offer a good meal for a vegan visitor. The best option for eating out would be to visit a local sushi place Järna Sushi, where they have one vegan sushi (with tofu) on their menu.

If you want to meet other Järna vegans you can do that via Facebook group Vegan Järna.

Vegan-friendly shops

Although, as it is said above, options for eating out in Järna are limited, shopping is more fun. Local Coop store has a great variety of specialized vegan products, mostly different kinds of tofu and vegan sausages, but also a vegan cheese, and occassionaly a vegan mayonaise. There are also many types of soy, rice and oat drinks, as well as soyghurt, oat cream, and a few kinds of creamy vegan icecream.

Another option for vegan shopping is a small eco-store Reko on central Storgatan street. There one can find lots of good stuff, from vegan raw bars and tofu to washing powder and shampoo (non animal tested), etc.



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