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A Swedish banner, used for campaigning for carbon tax on meat, says "Stop climate chaos / Meat tax now / Meat is worse than cars, 18% vs. 13,5% of greenhouse gases".

Sweden is a country in Scandinavia, Northern Europe. It is fairly easy to be a vegan in most of the bigger cities, especially in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Umeå. There is almost always at least one vegetarian alternative in restaurants, both fast food and fancier, and more and more restaurants are incorporating vegan alternatives.

Veganism in Sweden had its boom in early 1990s mostly because of Animal Liberation Front attacks, when the term "militant vegan" became well-known. Since then, though, veganism was mostly associated with healthy eating, political animal rights campaigns and such.


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There are quite a few organizations which promote veganism in one way or another.

  • Djurens Rätt is the biggest animal rights organization in Scandinavia, with around 32'000 members. Website: http://www.djurensratt.se
  • Djurrättsalliansen is another big animal rights organization which is often more radical than Djurens Rätt. Webiste: http://www.djurrattsalliansen.se
  • Svensk mat- och miljöinformation is a NGO which focuses on food's impact on environment, and promotes veganism from environmental concerns. Mostly known for its long campaigning for carbon tax on meat (a motion on that was once already discussed in Swedish Parliament). Website: http://smmi.nu
  • Veganföreningen i Sverige (Vegan Society Sweden), website: http://www.vegan.se
  • Djurens Befrielsefront is a radical animal rights network. It is the swedish counterpart, and sister organisation, to ALF - Animal Liberation Front. Swedish wikipedia: http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Djurens_befrielsefront

Famous vegans

  • Mårten Andersson is the bass guitarist for the hard rock and heavy metal groups like Lizzy Borden.
  • Jens Holm - although recently he is more of a vegetarian than vegan, this Swedish politician, a member of Swedish Parliament, and a former Member of the European Parliament, was vegan for 14 years, actively promoting vegetarian and vegan diets and raising questions about livestock industry's ecological and economical sustainability.
  • Dennis Lyxzén is a musician best known as the lead vocalist for Swedish hardcore punk band Refused.
  • Promoe is a Swedish rapper, and member of Swedish hip hop group Looptroop Rockers. He is known to actively promote veganism in his lyrics.
  • Peter Sunde is a computer expert, best known for being a co-founder and ex-spokesperson of The Pirate Bay, a BitTorrent search engine.


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