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The Sheikh Restaurant مطعم الشيخ

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33° 33' 45.0346", 35° 22' 6.3782"

Restaurant name: The Sheikh Restaurant مطعم الشيخ

Address: old town, Saida

Cuisine type: Vegan 20px


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2015/01/10 (please change the date if your visit was more recent)


Matam esh-sheikh.jpg

Even though this restaurant is not explicitly vegan all three dishes it serves are free from animal products: foul, hummus and mshawshe. Lebanese food made from simple ingredients at its best! The dishes come with traditional Arabic bread, pickles, fresh tomatoes, and mint.

The Sheikh Restaurant, or Mat'am ash-Sheikh in Arabic, is a traditional restaurant and a very beautifully decorated and cosy place in the old town of Saida. You can see the restaurant owner preparing your dish behind the counter and he is even happy to show his arts for those who are interested.

All dishes are excellent, but especially the mshawshe, a typical dish of southern Lebanese and Palestinian cuisine (also known as msabbha) receives highest recommendation. Make sure you bring a lot of appetite or share a plate, because the portions are quite big and filling.

The restaurant is in one of old town's lanes close to the Omari Mosque. If get lost in the maze it's best to ask. People usually know it and will help you to find it.

The owner speaks Arabic and is just lovely.