Bandar Seri Begawan

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Vegan Pakistani food in Rice N Grill restaurant.

Bandar Seri Begawan is the capital and the biggest city of Brunei. There should be no difficulties for vegans to live there as the city has several vegan friendly eating places, good tropical fruit market, and the most basic vegan groceries in shops.

Eating out

One can choose to try Malay, Middle Eastern (since Brunei is an Islamic state), Indian, Pakistani and Chinese cuisine. Malay is most meat centered and has hardly anything to offer for vegans. Middle Eastern restaurants usually have falafel and hummus. Indian and Pakistani places are good for those that like curries. Finally, vegan Chinese food is famous for its mock meats (seitan, soy meat). In all cases, explaining in detail what you do not eat is suggested as the concepts of vegetarianism or veganism are not widely known.

  • Food hall in the central shopping mall (Yayasan Complex) has a small Middle Eastern food corner that sells falafel.
  • Pakistani restaurant Rice N Grill (144 Jalan Pemancha) has a vegetarian menu (most dishes in it are vegan) with wide selection of Pakistani curries.
  • Pureland Vegetarian (website) is a 100% vegetarian buffet-style place located slightly outside of the center of the city.


  • Central market (Tamu Kianggeh) has a wide selection of tropical fruit for a good price.