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People in Colombia say that colombian diet is very carnivorous and it's not far from truth. Almost every plate has meat, milk is very common, and eggs are part of everyday diet. Fortunately, like any tropical country, Colombia has lots of different vegan options.


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Regions in Colombia are different and food is also not the same. However, colombian way of cooking is in mixing lots of ingridients in a same plate, so you can just ask about portion without meat, cheese and eggs. As a vegan you can check these options:

  • Colombia is a home for a bunch of tropical fruits, that could not be found anywhere else in the world, like lulo, tomatillo, borojo and many others. They are cheap, fresh, and could be found anywhere in the country for a whole year. Lots of places sell huge portions of fruit salads, that could be a great deal for a breakfast. Just ask to make it without milk and without sugar (think honey). Another obvious option is drinking fresh juices, that usually made with water or milk. Try lulo or guanabana juice. Ice cream without milk, like in Mexico, is not common.
  • As noticed above, colombian cuisine makes a plate from lots of ingridients. One of the most famous country dish is Bandeja Paisa from region Antioquia, which consists of rice, beans, avocado, vegetable salad, arepa (corn flatbread), fried eggs, sausage, meat and maybe cheese. This is a huge plate which you can veganize easily just asking to serve it without meat, eggs and cheese. All regions has its own types of bandeja, so think of a diet with rice, beans and vegetables, which could be boring. In any restaurant you can ask about vegetarian options, terms vegetariano and vegano are understood, but it's better to say what you don't consume. Great opportunity to practise your spanish!
  • Though people in Colombia say that they are meat eaters, lots of vegetarian restaurants could be found even in small cities. This could save you from monotonous rice'n'beans diet. Check happycow for information.

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