Dark dining

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They say that if you have one sense less, than you gonna experience a more intensive situation with the rest of your senses. The concept of "dark dining" (no matter if it's breakfast, lunch or dinner), is eating in a completely dark place. I did this myself with friends and also used it to date girls back in the time, it's a good and "rememberable way" to get to know each other --Huggi (talk) 06:55, 12 September 2015 (CEST)


  • Trust your senses
  • Don't worry what you wear
  • Don't worry how you eat
  • Don't worry anyway...


  • No smartphone
  • No iluminated things like watches etc.

I did this in fact many times and in different countries, therefore I can recomend everyone having a chance to try it, to give it a go. Besides lmgtfy, I'll recommend the following places:

They all serve at least Vegetarian meals, depending on the location you can also ask for a Vegan dish.

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