Higher Taste

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Higher Taste is a portland manufacturer of wholesale high quality, pre-packaged, ready-to-eat, perishable Vegetarian and vegan food, sold in many groceries and supermarkets around the city.

All the almost expiried food, gets donated to non-profits like Food Not Bombs PDX.


Founded in 1987.

Hans & Rhonda started Higher Taste after working in the food industry all over Europe, India, & New York.

Their products

Most of Their foods are vegan.


  • Bean & cheese - Vegetarian, contains dairy
  • breakfast buzzito, (most popular)
  • Breakfast Wrap, not vegan
  • Curry in a Hurry
  • Famous Sicilian
  • Fiesta Fajita - hot spicy
  • Super Thai
  • Tex Mex
  • vegan Bean & cheese
  • vegan supreme
  • Wild Thing, Vegetarian


  • Chickamame
  • curried rice
  • Greek Orzo, Vegetarian
  • Pesto Pasta, Vegetarian
  • Veggie Chik


  • Golden Slice
  • Portland's Best BBQ
  • The Big Kahuna
  • Veggie Chick