Hot Lips Pizza

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Hot Lips is a local Vegan-friendly restaurant, serving pizza, cookies, breadsticks, ice cream and alcoholic beverages, with 6 locations in Portland, OR.

They are known for using ingredients from local farmers, and for their real fruit soda.


The Hawthorne location hostes a game-night every Tuesday, plus writing events.

Vegan menu


  • Cheese, Follow Your Heart with house-made marinara sauce
  • Italian Combo
  • Nirvana
  • Supreme


  • Family Salad
  • Kaleslaw Salad
  • Mixed Green Salad


  • SE 22nd + Hawthorne
  • Killingsworth
  • SW 18TH + Morrison
  • PSU
  • Hollywood
  • Pearl


Hotlips Sodas come in 3 flavors: raspberry, Marionberry and Ginger; all with a touch of lemon juice in them.

In 2011, Hot Lips made its millionth bottle of soda.

Are they vegan?