How to stay vegan

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"We must be honest, being vegan is not easy, and sometimes it looks as a perpetual quest."

Seriously? There is no excuse, if you can't do it, you need to build up a stronger personality :) --Huggi (talk) 11:16, 7 September 2015 (CEST)

We can avoid meat, eggs, dairy products, even understand how sugar is produced, notice our favorite sweet thai basil pesto contains some eggs, or learn that some food additive (E number) is an animal-derived! But probably the most difficult part is the social pressure when our friends don't understand why we won't join them anymore to some restaurant, or our familly worrying about our nutritional deficiencies, or our doctor explaining us that we need to eat meat because we've got the canine teeth.

There is even more to that. Sometimes we are just lazy and would just like to buy a frozen vegetarian pizza (with non-vegan cheese, because it is not easy to find one without a cheese or with a vegan one) and heat it in the microwave.

But with time, we do get used to read food labels with a lot of attention, cook better than the the average professional cooks, create an educational dialog with our familly members on sugar or cholesterol related health issues, and, if we are courageous, show our doctor a picture of a lion - just to teach him how real canine teeth look like.

And let's admit it, a microwave heaten pizza is really something disgusting.

So how to stay vegan?

Getting the pleasure out of being vegan in the easiest way possible might help vegans to stay on chosen path. Discovering each day new tastes - new vegetables and fruits, new recipes - can raise our vegan enthusiasm level to the unclimbable highs.

But the true strength lies in numbers. Meet other vegans, socialise with them via Facebook groups, etc. - once you know more of your kind, your self-confidence will become stronger. It takes lots of energy to protest against society traditions, but when there are many wariors, the protest becomes not a burden but fun.

And we wish that with this Vegan Wiki you will not feel alone anymore.