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Falafel is a popular vegan dish in Israel.

Israel is a great country for vegans. There are tons of falafel and humus places, and these fast food eateries are typically vegan-friendly. Israelis usually cook with vegetable oil and rarely use animal fat, nonetheless, non-veg restaurants can use chicken and beef in soup stock, that's why it is a good idea to ask and double check.


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Kosher laws

Kosher laws are mostly great for vegans. The kashrut also makes sure that meat and dairy products are never mixed. So if you go to a Jewish "meaty" restaurant you won't get any dairy in your food. Kosher laws still allow mixing eggs and honey into other foods but when something is parve, also noted on many products (check for a פַּרוֶוה label).

Useful phrases

If you ask in English "is this dish tiv'oni?" or "can you make this tiv'oni?", many would understand what you mean, and that will help you to get a vegan meal. Another useful word is "parveh" which is a Kosher term which excludes all animal products except for fish, eggs, and honey.

Meaning Pronunciation Hebrew
I am vegan
I am vegetarian
I eat only vegetables
I do not eat animals
I do not eat any meat or fish
tiv'oni (m. or food) / tiv'onit (f.)
ani tzimchoni
Ani ochel rak yerakot
Ani lo ochel baaley-chaim
Aani lo ochel basar o dagim
אני טבעוני
אני צמחוני
אני אוכל רק ירקות
אני לא אוכל בעלי-חיים
אני לא אוכל בשר ודגים


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