King Fries ملك البطاطا

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Restaurant name: King Fries ملك البطاطا

Address: address::Hamra Street X Nehme Yafet Street In city::Beirut

Cuisine type: Vegness::Veg-friendly Yellow check.svg

Website: website::

Phone number:

Opening times: Monday - Sunday, ? - at least 1am

Last checked

last checked::2015/04/28 (please change the date if your visit was more recent)


This little restaurant offers different kinds of sandwiches common in Lebanese cuisine. According to staff, the French fries with hummus and veg sandwich is vegan by itself, and the falafel sandwich and the sandwich of oven-baked potato cubes with cilantro and veg can be veganized by subsituting the sauce (tarator) with hummus. Ask the staff to do so when you place your order and they will do it as the people working there are very nice. You can also get plates of fries and falafel, but again don't forget about replacing the sauce. They provide vegan and very delicious ketchup and a hot sauce on the table.