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'''''': community project to create the biggest resource for and by vegans and vegetarians under a free license.

Veganwiki is a collaborative, community project to gather information useful for vegans and interested parties.

You can find anything about Veganism and: countries, cities, recipes, health, E number, activism and more. As of today, we're hosting 704 articles on our Veganwiki.

  • October, 2015 - the number of articles climbed over 500 (goal +1000 pages until end of december 2015)
  • September, 2015 - the number of articles climbed over 400, more content and more editors needed, see (community building) - and we started a version in German. Our new goal includes: understanding, accepting and supporting the Sustainable Development Goals actively, where it is impacting our lives.
  • February, 2015 - the Tiny Guide for the Vegan Traveler is published on our sister project Nomadwiki
  • January, 2015 - fixed account creation, created a gitter chat room and ready for some new energy!

Veganwiki is a collaborative, community project to gather information useful for vegans and interested parties. So far we created 704 articles through 1,032,764 edits. Guaka, Sigurdas and Linas started developing it in 2013, in 2015 huggi also joined the club. Now you are very welcome to contribute! This wiki is *not limited* or *censored* to/from militant vegan editors. In most places and cultures it's tough to be vegan, sometimes even as a vegetarian.

We want to encourage anyone to at least try a vegan lifestyle for a while or for some days of the week, so try a Meatless Monday you won't die doing so. So folks who eat meat or dairy are still very welcome to participate.

Our basics are at: How to join the community. Click a blue-colored article and edit that beast! Or just create a new page! Don't know how? Ask us via our Community portal. See yah soon!

Camera Icon.png Pictures of the moment

Patrik Baboumian, a German strongman competitor and bodybuilder, winner of multiple titles, incl. 2011 Germany's Strongest Man. A vegan.
Robert Cheeke, a vegan body builder.
Vegans at the Melbourne "Walk against Warming," December 12, 2009, during the Copenhagen Summit on climate change.
Janez Drnovšek, 2nd president of Slovenia, was a vegan for the last years of his life.
Carl Lewis, a long time vegan, Olympic medalist.
A Swedish banner, used for campaigning for carbon tax on meat, says "Stop climate chaos / Meat tax now / Meat is worse than cars, 18% vs. 13,5% of greenhouse gases".

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Countries (193 countries which are recognized by the United Nations)

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Animal rights

Animal testing, Meat industry, pigs, rabbits, cows, horses, bees


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