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New Zealand is an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. The largest city is Auckland.

Dairy and meat exports are a very important part of New Zealand's economy. some would say, the backbone.

NZ has a bbq culture and a strong farming tradition which lends itself to most of the population eating a lot of meat and dairy products. Despite this, vegetarianism and veganism are increasingly common dietary and lifestyle choices for Kiwis. According to this article, from 2019, New Zealand ranks third in the world for veganism.

Meat replacements and other vegan options such as tempeh and quinoa can be quite expensive in New Zealand because of it's distance from the sources of these foods.


In 2019, a report by the Ministry of Health encouraged New Zealand residents to eat more vegan and vegetarian food in a bid to reduce the carbon footprint[1] [2]. However politician Shane Jones spoke out in 2020 against veganism[3], saying it "must be stopped in its tracks".

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