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Vegan cake in one of Osaka's vegan-friendly places - Cafe Atl

Osaka is one of the biggest cities in Japan. Although veganism is not very widespread here, the city has a bunch of 100% vegan places and even more vegan-friendly ones. In general, Osaka is not very different for vegans from other Japanese cities. The variety of vegan options in shops and supermarkets is almost the same as in Tokyo.



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Eating out

As in other places in Japan, if you are going to a non-vegan restaurant, make sure to explain your dietary preferences in detail. Many common ingredients, such as fish sauce or meat stock, may not be considered as non-vegan in Japan.

  • Cafe Atl (address: 大阪府大阪市中央区心斎橋筋2丁目1−24, map) – vegan-friendly restaurant in central Osaka. Specializes in slow food made out of local produce. Has vegan desserts. Price range for main dish + drink + dessert is around 1600-2000 yen.