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Regensburg is a major city in Bavaria.

Vegan-friendly shops

Regensburg doesn't have only-vegan shops but organic supermarkets have a wide range of vegan products.

  • Naturmarkt Glockengasse [1]
  • Alnatura [2]

Eating Out

  • Kaffé Dada [3]: Small and cozy restaurant. It is not entirely vegan but everything is vegetarian. The vegan dishes are marked with a small star (*) on the menu. It is possible to veganize some of the non-vegan dishes. There is a standard menu and a menu which changes weekly. In the afternoon, they offer burgers, fries and baked goods and in the evening they offer more traditional dishes like escalopes or goulash.
  • Taracafé [4]: Vegan and organic restaurant. Varying menu.



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