Rolf Hiltl

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1990s Rolf replaced his father Heinz in the restaurant "Hiltl" who revamped the restaurant digitally. He extended the opening hours to 11pm and introduced a new wine list, which increased the popularity with the young crowd. The restaurant introduced an online reservation system and was positively reviewed on major internet sites. The net sales rose to CHF 10 million in 1998 and the restaurant released a book, Hiltl. Virtouso Vegetarian, featuring all its recipes. The book has sold several million copies and has been translated into English and French, with over 14 editions. Rolf Hiltl published a new cookbook for the 111th anniversary: Hiltl. Veggie international. A world of difference.


  • Hiltl Virtuoso Vegetarian ISBN 978-3859327061
  • Hiltl. Veggie International. A World of Difference ISBN 978-3280053805

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