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Slovakia is a small country in the heart of Europe with many passionate vegans. The fact is that the majority of Slovak people live on a meat-based diet. The interest in vegan and raw food is only growing. Some may think that it is difficult to be a vegan in Slovakia but it is not entirely true. The selection of vegan products on the market is not bad but it could definitely be improved.


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Eating Out

It is easier to find vegan friendly restraurant in bigger cities like Bratislava or Košice than in smaller towns.


Vegan friendly and specialized stores or e-shops with selection of food, drinks, books, aromatherapy...


Sloboda zvierat (Freedom of Animals) is a Slovak non-governmental organization for animal protection and welfare. Organization functions in form of campaigns, legislation changes suggestions, sharing information, as well as rescuing animals to their shelters and offers them for adoption. Headquarters is in Bratislava but the organization has several branches throughout Slovakia.

269 SK - as of 2015 one of the most active groups, organizing various events around animal rights and veganism.

VeganSlovakia & also active in promoting veganism, presentations, protests and other public meetings.

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