Soy meat

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Pieces of dry soy meat
Soy meat shashlik (a type of shish kebab)

Soy meat (or textured vegetable protein) is a Contains::soybean product, one of the most popular meat analogues. It is made out of soy flour that goes through a special production process. The result is light dry chunks that are high in protein and minerals.

Soy meat peaces can be in all kinds of shapes and sizes. In order to prepare them for eating, one has to soak them in water or vegetable stock for a few hours, and then cook them thoroughly (in oil, by boiling, by grilling in oven or over fire, etc.) Pieces of soy meat does not have a very strong flavor themselves. However, they absorb other flavors well, and soaking them overnight with a mix of spices or herbs can really make a difference.

Soy meat has a fibrous spongy texture that resembles meat, and, therefore, can be used to veganize all kinds of non-vegan foods. There is a variety of vegan foods that use soy meat as their main ingredient to make sausages, burgers, cutlets, etc.

Soy meat can be bought in specialized shops or in common supermarkets (depends on the country).