Spiritual eating

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Spiritual eating can be considered synonymous of mindful eating. However, they are not quite the same thing. Mindful eating has to do with being conscious about how much food your body needs and what kinds of food. This means that as you are eating you are aware of when you are full. At this point you stop eating, resuming when your body gives you the signal that you are hungry again. Also, this has a lot to do with understanding your cravings and interpreting what they truly mean. The idea is that over time you will become more sensitive to what your body really needs, as far as eating goes. This is a brief summary of mindful eating.

Spiritual eating, on the other hand, involves conscious eating, but goes a little deeper. When we are speaking of spiritual foods, we are speaking of foods that nourish the body, mind, spirit and soul. These types of foods will make us more aware of our surroundings and who we are as people. These foods help us to connect to our spiritual being and thus can help us through difficult situations, challenging circumstances, or simply become aware of certain patterns we want to break free from.