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Some additional notes for B12. The methyl cobalamin (b12) seems to be the preferred sublingual by those in the know. It has also happened that some who take a sublingual find that they're still not getting enough and use the b12 shots to get their necessary dose. For those getting tested, recognize that the common test for b12 is not useful. Make sure you ask for the b12 umma which is a urine test rather than a blood test. Also be advised that it can take years before b12 deficiency symptoms arise. If left untreated the results can be nerve damage. An excellent book on B12 is Could it be B12. It is not written by a vegan but full of good information. Also note that different countries have set different ranges for what is healthy in terms of B12 levels. Pakraw

Good stuff! Please add this to the article :) I might do it myself if I get around to it. Guaka (talk) 15:33, 20 November 2013 (CET)