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Vegan for a few month now after being vegetarian flexitarian for several years.

First was a kind of experiment for my roomy and me ... then ... illumination ...

Even if animals, environment and health are importants, I think I went in this direction mostly because it fits with my global ethic of life, a curious mix of pleasure and anticonsumerism

Adept of DIY about basic foods, was doing my own cheese, stoped but keep on doing natural yeast bread, lactofermentations, probiotic drinks and food, liqors, etc

Curiously my familly accepted it more than vegetarianism : my father was worrying, asked his doctor to know if it was not dangerous for my health, the doctor answered he is himself vegan for 30 years !

Yet I am still eating a bit honey when I a sick,

I accept sometimes some human proteins too ... ohhh you'r looking appetizing you know ?

Hope to create or join a (vegan?)commune one day and to reach an acceptable level of sustainability (economic social environment human cultural) before the world colapses