Valentine's Day Cheese, Wine & Chocolate Tasting

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Valentine's Day Cheese, Wine & Chocolate Tasting is an upscale event of sampling vegan cheeses, wine and chocolate, Sponsored by Vtopia and Follow Your Heart, in Portland organized by Northwest VEG.


The first event was held on FEB 14 2020 at the Taborspace Dining Hall on SE belmont.

There were about 100 people in attendance.

The Cheeses

Chao, Follow Your Heart, Miyoko's, Tofutti, Violife, WayFare and more.

Vtopia had their own table where they debuted a new white aged cheddar.


Many to try, including some very rare ones hand-made, like: a strawberry-rose, 100% dark, dark orange, fennel and one from Dubai.

There was also a chocolate-fountain with apples, pears and strawberries to dip.

And wines

  • Brown Box
  • Charles Shaw
  • some Italian wines, and a non-alcoholic white zinfandel.