Vegan diet

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A balanced plant based diet

A well planned balanced vegan diet is offering all the health benefits to the body. It includes all minerals and vitamins essential for your health and is low on cholesterol and trans fat.

It is important important to include a sufficient amount of protein, calcium and iron in your diet as well as omega 3 and B12.

Daily consumption of plant based vitamins and minerals includes: 2 portions of fruit, 1-2 portions of nuts and seeds, 4 portions of vegetables, 5 portions of starchy vegetables and 3 portions of Legumes.

Health benefits of a vegan diet

A balanced plant based diet has the advantage of preventing some diseases and is suitable for all ages including children and teenagers. People with special dietary needs such as pregnant and breast feeding women as well as athletes can also benefit from a plant based diet.

According to recent announcement of the world health organisation the consumption of meat has been found carcinogenic, which means it has the potential to cause the body to develop cancer cells.