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'''Vitamin B12''' is a very important vitamin for our nervous system.
Even if requirements are very low, missing it may have important and long term bad consequences.
But more than for other vitamins, the question of the replacement of animal B12 is complex, and got sometimes several contradictory answers.
For some people (even [[veganism|vegans]]) we cannot find this B12 in non animal products, and we should replace it with some B12 tablets.
For others, B12 deficiency as consequence of veganism is a myth, as some bacterias are producing B12 directly in our digestive system.
A median solution, at same time natural, vegan, and gastronomicaly awesome could be to use nutritional [[yeast]], and drink sometimes a glass of [[Kombucha]] (Combucha Comboucha), the 2000 years old traditional fermentated [[tea]], which contains B12 and other important life components.

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