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CARE is the Conference on Animal Rights in Europe. The first edition of this European animal rights conference was held in Warsaw, Poland on July 2016. Organised by the Polish Open cages organisation, the conference invited key animal rights advocates and organisations from Europe as well as abroad, with over 50 speakers from Poland and abroad. A third of the lectures was dedicated to the rise and development of the animal rights movement in Poland and eastern Europe.

Conference goals

The goals of the conference were to provide a brainstorming and networking environment by bringing animal rights activists together. A large part of the discussion was dedicated to questioning different tactics and strategies of how to run successful campaigns and fundraising programs and effectively reach both the public and the corporate world in the call for reducing animals suffering. Most if not all of the speakers agreed the main focus these days goes to the fight against malpractices in factory farming as well as advocating for a vegan lifestyle.


Key speakers in the conference included individual scholars and activists as well representatives from animal rights organisations such as: Open Cages Poland, The Humane League and Vegan outreach from the US, PETA and the Albert Schweitzer foundation from Germany, Vegan society Austria, Eurogroup for Animals in Brussels and Vegan Friendly from Israel.

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