Cottontail Cottage Animal Sanctuary

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Cottontail Cottage Animal Sanctuary ( is located in Cherryfield, Maine on a beautiful 50-acre farm. While working closely with Maine State Animal Welfare, our mission is to provide compassion, respect, dignity and love to rescued farm and companion animals and to give them a place to call home. Cottontail Cottage is a vegan-operated 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a forever home to animals who have experienced severe abuse or neglect. We are committed to the healing, rehabilitation, and security of every animal in our care, where they can live out their lives with the love and respect that each of them deserve.

VISION To create a place where animals have room to heal and play, enjoying a life filled with joy, love and kindness. Collaborating with others to build a better world where animals’ lives are valued on their own merit and they are likewise treated with compassion and dignity.

GUIDING PRINCIPLES and VALUES Foundation: Providing a permanent, loving home for animals who have suffered severe abuse and neglect. Supporting a vegan, cruelty-free lifestyle, that demonstrates compassion for all creatures. Leadership: Leading by example, we are committed to treating everyone with respect, trust and professionalism, and in demonstrating excellence in the quality of care we provide to each of our animal residents. Education and Public Outreach: Inspiring the community to recognize positive human-animal bonds and interactions through our educational opportunities and resources. Educating the public about not only the importance of animal care and welfare, but also the importance of living a vegan lifestyle in an effort to end animal cruelty and suffering.

Collaboration: Working together as a team and with other advocacy groups and organizations to improve the lives of abused and neglected animals.

Transparency: Making information available to our supporters, donors, prospective donors, and the public about our goals, decisions, policies and standards. Communicating through social media, email, direct mail, and various media sources about the animals in our care, educational and other programs, onsite and offsite events and volunteer opportunities.