Cranberry orange sweet bread

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This recipe uses some non-standardized (not exact) measurements and can therefore be adapted to most kitchens that do not have measuring cups or scales. For "one cup" choose a medium-sized drinking vessel, larger than the average Turkish-style tea glass but smaller than a pint glass. Use this one glass to measure anything requiring a cup, and the proportions will be fine. For "teaspoon" and "tablespoon", you can actually add to your taste. A "teaspoon" is generally a smaller-sized dessert spoon, whereas a "tablespoon" is considered larger (perhaps by double).



  • Mix all dry ingredients together in a large bowl first.
  • Then slowly mix in wet ingredients.
  • If using pekmez instead of sugar, mix that with the orange juice first.
  • Add clementine pieces and dried cranberries last.
  • Bake on medium heat in an oiled bread or cake pan for 40-45 minutes (if it is a Turkish baklava oven), or until ready.