Djurens Rätt

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Logo of Djurens Rätt.

Djurens Rätt (Animal Rights in Swedish) is the largest animal rights organization in Sweden, consisting of an estimated 35 000 members. Their website states their goal as a society free from oppression of animals.

The organization was founded in 1882 to end painful animal experimentation, but has since the 1970's also focused on issues concerning farm animals and fur production.


The product-marking of Djurens Rätt, certifying that the product is totally vegan.

Aside from spreading information about the mistreatment of animals, Djurens Rätt also have a special certified product-marking called "100 % VEGANSKT®. Godkänd av Djurens Rätt" which they put on products that are completely free from animal abuse.

This is done to help people find products in stores that do not only sell vegan products, but do have some that are vegan.