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Eotopia is a vegan eco-village based on gift economy somewhere in Southern Europe, France, Spain or Italy. A location has not been found yet but there are very nice ideas.

When vegans dream alone it is only a dream. But when many vegans dream together it is the beginning of a new vegan reality.
We are a group of committed vegans originally from Spain, Mexico, Germany and France. We share a dream of living in harmony with Mother Earth and all beings on this planet. We are looking for families & friends who want to create, together with us, an eco-village in the countryside, no more than 50km away from a small town.

:The main idea is not only to live completely self-sufficiently - providing our own sources of sustainable energy, our own food and water - but also to live as a single family in which all members treat each other as brothers and sisters without discrimination. We dream of a place where money is obsolete and all is given freely. This vision of unity begins with bringing together those who share the same values.


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