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HappyCow - the healthy eating guide is a local search and discovery service mobile app for healthy eaters (there are a number of vegetarian diets), vegetarians and vegans which provides search results. By taking into account the places a user goes, the things they have told the app that they like, and the other users whose advice they trust, Foursquare provides recommendations of the places to go around a user's current location.

HappyCow is a free-to-use site, non profit in nature but not 501-c status. HappyCow earned an Award at "2014 Veggie Awards" from Wikipedia:VegNews as the "Favorite Website" (already for 8 consecutive years).


  • 1999: Founded
  • 2007-2014: "2014 Veggie Awards" from VegNews as the "Favorite Website"


Outdated Web 1.0 Application and Website.

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