How to stay vegan

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We must be honest, being vegan is not easy, and sometimes it looks as a perpetual quest.

We can avoid meat, eggs, dairy products, and later, understand how sugar is produced, notice our favorite sweet thai basil pesto contains some eggs, or learn some E... food additiv is animal derived!

The social pressure is important, our friends don't understand why we don't join them anymore to some restaurant, our familly is worrying about our nutritional deficiencies, our doctor explains we NEED to eat meat because we got some canines.

Sometimes we are lazy and would just like to buy a frozen pizza and heat it in the microwave.

But with time, we'll get used to read food labels with a lot of attention, cook better than the chef of the restaurant, teach to our familly we don't have sugar or cholesterol problems, and, if we are courageous, show to our doctor a picture of a lion, to teach him what real canines are looking like.

And lets say it, a microwave heaten pizza is really something disgusting.

So how to stay vegan?

As for a lot of thing, the main path will be the pleasure!

Discovering each day new taste, new vegetables, new fruits, with a bit experience, we'll even save time, cooking stuffed eggplants one day, and using the same filling in the following days for preparing another meal, discovering richess of cereals we'll even forget potatoes are existing!

With time we'll feel lighter, cleaner, better in our body, not smeared anymore, maybe lose weight, .

And we wish that with this Vegan Wiki you will not feel alone anymore.

Keep following your way!