India Däck Bokcafé

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Restaurant name: India Däck Bokcafé

Address: address::Stora Algatan 3 In city::Lund

Cuisine type: Vegness::Vegetarian Olive green check.svg

Website: website::

Phone number:

Opening times: Mon-fri: 12.00 - 19.00, sat-sun: 12.00 - 16.00

Last checked

last checked::2013/12/26 (please change the date if your visit was more recent)


India Däck is a socialist bookcafé, that has cheap coffee and a wide selection of leftist books - including some on veganism and animal rights. They don't serve a lot of food, but they have some small items that you can get that are either vegetarian or vegan depending on which. There are events now and then, that often has food or cakes made by the volunteers or the organisation that made the event. The food in this case is almost always vegan, and the cakes always contain at least one vegan alternative. No cards, only cash!

Their website is not updated very often, but their facebook is pretty active: India Däck.