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Kaunas is the second largest city in Lithuania. Although from a first glance Kaunas might not seem a very vegan-friendly city, it has in fact an active vegan community (as in Vilnius), as well as there are a few good places for eating out.

Eating out


  • Ganga, address: Panėrių 187. Indian vegetarian cuisine. Ask for vegan options, without dairy (ghee, etc.).
  • Radharanė, address: Laisvės 40. Indian vegetarian cuisine. Ask for vegan options, without dairy (ghee, etc.).
  • Samosa, address E.Ožeškienės 5. Vegetarian ayurvedic food and shop.
  • Vilties vaistinė-arbatinė, address: Laisvės 100. It is a vegetarian café (probably oldest of its kind in Lithuania), with some vegan options. Much of what is sold there seems vegan, but one has to check for ingredients, since it is known that honey, gelatin and casein and often used in their rolls, desserts, etc. Friendly staff, but does not speak English very much.
  • Žalių kokteilių baras, address: Vilniaus 9. Raw cocktails.


  • Moksha, address: Vasario 16-osios 6. Indian/Thai cuisine. Vegan and vegetarian meals are marked separately. Food 9,7/10, service 10/10, vegan friendliness 9/10 (according to a vegan review here).
  • Gan Bei City, Karaliaus Mindaugo 49, in Akropolis shopping mall. A lot of vegetarian options from Indian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese cuisine. Some of them are vegan.