La Panella

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coordinates=-37.7383615, 145.00383250000004 | zoom=14 | height=300 | width=300 }} coordinates::-37.7383615, 145.00383250000004

Restaurant name: La Panella

Address: address::465 High Street Preston, VIC 3072 In city::Melbourne

Cuisine type: Vegness::Vegan Light green check.svg

Website: website::

Phone number:

Opening times:

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This is an awesome vegan friendly bakery just out side of Melbourne it is well worth the trip. There are pies pastries and doughnuts and assorted goodies 100% vegan (when advised) and very well priced. I highly recommend the vegan hot pies, try the mushrooom pie, you will have to remind yourself that it is vegan. Also the cream doughnuts are amazing. If you do decide to make the trip there are also many Asian supermarkets on High st that carry many varieties of Soy based meats.