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* Erdlingshof, [[Kollnburg]], [[Germany]]<ref>[http://erdlingshof.de/ Erdlingshof]</ref>
* Erdlingshof, [[Kollnburg]], [[Germany]]
== [[Hungary]] ==
* Medveotthon, Veresegyház. (bear sanctuary with wolves, reindeer & raccoons)
* Repzootic Animal Center, Erdősmecske
''See: [[Wildlife sanctuaries of India]]''
''See: [[Wildlife sanctuaries of India]]''
''See: [[Bhindawas Wildlife Sanctuary]]''
''See: [[Bhindawas Wildlife Sanctuary]]''
== [[Ireland]] ==
* The Sathya Sai Sanctuary, [[Castlebaldwin]], [[Ireland]]
* The Sathya Sai Sanctuary, [[Castlebaldwin]]
* Dogs Aid Animal Sanctuary, [[Dublin]], Ireland
* Dogs Aid Animal Sanctuary, [[Dublin]], Ireland
* National Exotic Animal Sanctuary, Ireland
* National Exotic Animal Sanctuary, Ireland
* Hungry Horse Outside, [[Longford]], Ireland<ref>[http://www.HungryHorseOutside.com Hungry Horse Outside]</ref>
* Hungry Horse Outside, [[Longford]]
== [[Israel]] ==
*[[Monkey Park]]
* [[פארק הקופים|Monkey Park]], Kfar Daniel
*269life Liberation Farm
* 269life Liberation Farm
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* [[El Refugio del Burrito]], [[Fuente de Piedra]], [[Andalusia]]<ref>[http://www.elrefugiodelburrito.com/en El Refugio del Burrito]</ref>
* [[El Refugio del Burrito]], [[Fuente de Piedra]], [[Andalusia]]
* [[Wings of Heart Sanctuary]], [[Madrid]]<ref>[http://wingsofheart.org/ Wings of Heart Sanctuary]</ref>
* [[Wings of Heart Sanctuary]], [[Madrid]]
* [[El Hogar de Luci]], [[Madrid]]<ref>[http://www.elhogardeluci.org/ El hogar de luci]</ref>
* [[El Hogar de Luci]], [[Madrid]]
* [[Vacaloura, santuario animal]], [[Santiago de Compostela]]<ref>[https://www.facebook.com/pages/Vacaloura-Santuario-Animal-castellano/149930131884357?fref=ts]</ref>
* [[Vacaloura, santuario animal]], [[Santiago de Compostela]]
* [[Leon Vegano Animal Sanctuary]], [[León, Spain|León]]<ref>[http://www.leonveganoanimalsanctuary.org/ Leon Vegano Animal Sanctuary]</ref>
* [[Leon Vegano Animal Sanctuary]], [[León, Spain|León]]
*[[Santuario Gaia]], [[Ogassa]]<ref>[http://www.santuariogaia.es]</ref>
*[[Santuario Gaia]], [[Ogassa]]
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* Serengeti National Park
* Serengeti National Park
== [[Thailand]] ==
* [[Elephant Nature Park]], [[Chiang Mai Province]]
* [[Elephant Nature Park]], [[Chiang Mai Province]]
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* [[Hillside Animal Sanctuary]], Frettenham, [[Norwich]]
* [[Hillside Animal Sanctuary]], Frettenham, [[Norwich]]
* [http://www.lowermosswood.org.uk/ Lower Moss Wood Educational Nature Reserve and Wildlife Hospital], [[Knutsford]], Cheshire
* [http://www.lowermosswood.org.uk/ Lower Moss Wood Educational Nature Reserve and Wildlife Hospital], [[Knutsford]], Cheshire
* [[Mare and Foal Sanctuary]], [[Newton Abbot]], [[Devon]]<ref>[http://www.mareandfoal.org/ The Mare and Foal Sanctuary]</ref>
* [[Mare and Foal Sanctuary]], [[Newton Abbot]], [[Devon]]
* [[Monkey World]], [[Wool, Dorset]]
* [[Monkey World]], [[Wool, Dorset]]
* [[Mousehole Wild Bird Hospital and Sanctuary]], [[Mousehole]], [[Cornwall]]
* [[Mousehole Wild Bird Hospital and Sanctuary]], [[Mousehole]], [[Cornwall]]
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* [[Whiteley Bank|The Donkey Sanctuary]], [[Whiteley Bank]], [[Isle of Wight]]
* [[Whiteley Bank|The Donkey Sanctuary]], [[Whiteley Bank]], [[Isle of Wight]]
* [[Wales Ape and Monkey Sanctuary]], [[Abercrave]], [[Wales]]
* [[Wales Ape and Monkey Sanctuary]], [[Abercrave]], [[Wales]]
* [[The Monkey Sanctuary]], [[Looe]], [[Cornwall]]<ref>[http://www.monkeysanctuary.org/ The Monkey Sanctuary]
* [[The Monkey Sanctuary]], [[Looe]], [[Cornwall]]
* [[Blue Scientists ZOO and Wildlife Rescue]], [[Looe]], [[London]], [[Sanctionary, ZOO, Wildlife Rescue, international Rescue Activities]]</ref>
* [[Blue Scientists ZOO and Wildlife Rescue]], [[Looe]], [[London]], [[Sanctionary, ZOO, Wildlife Rescue, international Rescue Activities]]
==United States==
== [[United States]] ==
See: [[List of animal sanctuaries in the United States]]
== [[Vietnam]] ==
* Friends For Life Animal Sanctuary, [[Gilbert, Arizona|Gilbert]]
* Healing Hearts Animal Sanctuary, [[Willcox, Arizona|Willcox]]
* The Hermitage Cat Shelter
* Ironwood Pig Sanctuary, [[Tucson, Arizona|Tucson]]<ref>[http://ironwoodpigsanctuary.com/ Ironwood Pig Sanctuary]</ref>
* Morning Starr Animal Sanctuary, [[Verde Valley, Arizona|Verde Valley]]
* Rescued Unwanted Furry Friends Foundation a.k.a. R.U.F.F.F. [[Mohave County, Arizona|Mohave County]]
* Hacienda de los Milagros, [[Chino Valley, Arizona|Chino Valley]]
* Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge,
* [[Animal Place]], [[Grass Valley, California|Grass Valley]]<ref>[http://animalplace.org]</ref>
* [[Farm Sanctuary]], with locations in [[Acton, California|Acton]] (Animal Acres) and [[Orland, California|Orland]]
* Forever Wild Exotic Animals, [[Phelan, California|Phelan]]
* The Gentle Barn, [[Santa Clarita, California|Santa Clarita]]
* [[Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary]], [[Stockton, California|Stockton]]/[[Tracy, California|Tracy]]
* Lions, Tigers and Bears, [[Alpine, California|Alpine]]
* [[Living Free Animal Sanctuary]], [[Mountain Center, California|Mountain Center]], near [[Idyllwild-Pine Cove, California|Idyllwild-Pine Cove]]
* Pacific Marine Mammal Center, [[Laguna Beach, California|Laguna Beach]]
* PAWS Wildlife Sanctuaries, [[Galt, California|Galt]]
* [[Piece of Peace Animal Sanctuary]], [[Marysville, California|Marysville]]
* [[PreetiRang Sanctuary]], near [[Rio Vista, California|Rio Vista]]<ref>[http://preetirangsanctuary.org/ PreetiRang Sanctuary]</ref>
* [[Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary]], [[San Jose, California|San Jose]]
* Shambala Preserve, [[Acton, California|Acton]]
* Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary, [[Silverado, California|Silverado]]
* Wild Horse Sanctuary, [[Shingletown, California|Shingletown]]
* Wildlife Waystation, [[Angeles National Forest]]
* [[Wolf Mountain Sanctuary]], [[Lucerne Valley, California|Lucerne Valley]]<ref>[http://www.wolfmountain.com/ Wolf Mountain Sanctuary]</ref>
* [[Mission: Wolf]], [[Westcliffe, Colorado|Westcliffe]]
* Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary, [[Deer Trail, Colorado|Deer Trail]]
* [[The Wild Animal Sanctuary]], [[Keenesburg, Colorado|Keenesburg]]
* [[Wolf Sanctuary]], [[Bellvue, Colorado|Bellvue]]<ref>[http://www.wolfsanctuary.net/index.htm Wolf Sanctuary]</ref>{{Coord|40.6170848|-105.306887|type:landmark_scale:1000|display=inline}}
* [[Peace River Refuge and Ranch|Forest Animal Rescue by Peace River Refuge & Ranch]], [[Silver Springs, Florida|Silver Springs]]
* [[Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary]], [[Gainesville, Florida|Gainesville]]<ref>[http://www.JungleFriends.org/ Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary]</ref>
* [[Sanctuary Animal Refuge]], [[Clewiston, Florida|Clewiston]]
* [[Save the Chimps]], [[Fort Pierce, Florida|Fort Pierce]]
* [[Big Cat Rescue]], [[Tampa, Florida|Tampa]]
* [[Kindred Spirits Sanctuary]], [[Ocala, Florida|Ocala]]
* Bear Hollow Zoo, [[Athens]]<ref>[http://www.athensclarkecounty.com/~bearhollow/ Bear Hollow Zoo]</ref>
* A New Hope: Animal Sanctuary & Education Center, [[Athens]]<ref>[http://www.anhsanctuary.org]</ref>
* Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary, [[Locust Grove, Georgia|Locust Grove]]<ref>[http://www.noahs-ark.org/ Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary]</ref>
* Leilani Farm Sanctuary, [[Maui]]<ref>[http://www.LeilaniFarmSanctuary.org/ Leilani Farm Sanctuary]</ref>
* [[Black Pine Animal Sanctuary]], [[Albion, Indiana|Albion]]
*Uplands Peak, Salem Indiana
* [[Home At Last Animal Sanctuary]], [[Salvisa, Kentucky|Salvisa]]<ref>[http://www.homeatlastanimals.org Home At Last Animal Sanctuary]</ref>
* [[Cloud 9 Farm Animal Sanctuary at Juniper Ridge Farm]], [[Sadieville, Kentucky/Sadieville]]<ref>[http://juniperridgefarm.org]</ref>
* [[Chimp Haven]], [[Keithville, Louisiana|Keithville]]
* [[Wings of Hope Wildlife Sanctuary]], [[Livingston, Louisiana|Livingston]]
* [[Cottontail Cottage Animal Sanctuary]], [[Cherryfield, Maine|Cherryfield]]<ref>[http://www.cottontailcottage.org Cottontail Cottage Animal Sanctuary]</ref>
* Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary, [[Poolesville, Maryland|Poolesville]]
* Star Gazing Farm, Boyds, Maryland
* Maple Farm Sanctuary, [[Mendon, Massachusetts|Mendon]]
* Grateful Acres Animal Sanctuary, near [[Kalamazoo, Michigan|Kalamazoo]]
* Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary, near [[Ann Arbor, Michigan|Ann Arbor]]
* Mackenzie's Animal Sanctuary, West Michigan, near [[Grand Rapids, Michigan|Grand Rapids]]
* Sasha Farm, [[Manchester, Michigan|Manchester]]
* Whitefish Point Bird Observatory, [[Chippewa County, Michigan|Chippewa County]]
* St. Francis Animal Sanctuary, southern [[Mississippi]], near [[Tylertown, Mississippi|Tylertown]]
* Animal Wonders, Inc., [http://wwww.animalwonders.org|Missoula, Montana]
* Juliana's Animal Sanctuary, [[Rockville, Nebraska]]
* Animal Ark Wildlife Sanctuary, [[Reno, Nevada|Reno]]
* Safe Haven Rescue Zoo, [[Imlay, Nevada|Imlay]]
===New Hampshire===
* Rolling Dog Farm, [[Lancaster, New Hampshire|Lancaster]]
===New Jersey===
* For the Animals Sanctuary, [[Blairstown, New Jersey|Blairstown]]
* [[Popcorn Park Zoo]], [[Lacey, New Jersey|Lacey]]
* [[The Raptor Trust]], [[Millington, New Jersey|Millington]]
* [http://www.undermywing.org Under My Wing Avian Refuge], [[Wantage Township, New Jersey|Wantage]]
===New Mexico===
* The Heart and Soul Animal Sanctuary near [[Santa Fe, New Mexico|Santa Fe]]
* Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary,  [[Las Cruces, New Mexico|Las Cruces]]
* [[Save the Chimps]], [[Alamogordo, New Mexico|Alamogordo]]
* Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary [[Ramah, New Mexico]]
===New York===
* [[Farm Sanctuary]], [[Watkins Glen, New York|Watkins Glen]]
* [[Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary]], [[Woodstock (town), New York|Woodstock]]
* Spirit Animal Sanctuary, [[Boonville, New York|Boonville]]
* Catskills Animal Sanctuary, [[Saugerties (village), New York|Saugerties]]
* JNK's Call of the Wild Sanctuary, [[Sinclairville, New York|Sinclairville]], [[Chautauqua County, New York|Chautauqua County]]
* Pets Alive, [[Middletown, Orange County, New York|Middletown, New York]] http://lionstigersandbears.org/
* Spring Farm Cares, [[Clinton, Oneida County, New York|Clinton, New York]] http://www.springfarmcares.org/
* Hudson Valley Animal Rescue and Sanctuary [[Pleansantville, New York]] http://www.hvars.org/
* Love and Hope Animal Sanctuary [[Franklin (village), New York|Franklin, New York]] http://loveandhopeforanimals.org/
===North Carolina===
* Blind Cat Rescue, [[Fayetteville, North Carolina|Fayetteville]]
* Carolina Raptor Center, [[Charlotte, North Carolina|Charlotte]]
* Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary, [[Salisbury, North Carolina|Salisbury]]
* [[Goathouse Refuge]], [[Pittsboro, North Carolina|Pittsboro]]
* Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary, [[Ravenna, Ohio|Ravenna]]
* [[Heaven's Corner]], [[West Alexandria, Ohio|West Alexandria]]
* Noah's Lost Ark, [[Berlin Center, Ohio|Berlin Center]]
* [[The Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Foundation]], [[Wynnewood, Oklahoma|Wynnewood]]
* Safari's Interactive Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary, [[Broken Arrow, Oklahoma|Broken Arrow]] (closed?)<ref>[http://www.tulsaworld.com/news/article.aspx?subjectid=11&articleid=20120706_78_A11_CUTLIN616970 Safari's animal sanctuary being handed over to new caregivers]</ref>
* Free To Live Animal Sanctuary, [[Edmond, Oklahoma|Edmond]]
* [[Chimps Inc.]], [[Bend, Oregon|Bend]]
* [[Duchess Sanctuary|Duchess]], [[Oakland, OR|Oakland]]
* [[Equamore Sanctuary|Equamore]], [[Ashland, OR|Ashland]]
* [[Green Acres Farm Sanctuary|Green Acres]], [[Silverton, OR|Silverton]]
* [[Harmony Farm Sanctuary|Harmony]], [[Sisters, OR|Sisters]]
* [[Helping Hands Animal Sanctuary|Helping Hands]], [[Newberg, OR|Newberg]]
* [[Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary|Lighthouse]], [[Scio, OR|Scio]]
* [[Out To Pasture Animal Sanctuary|Out to Pasture]], [[Estacada, OR|Estacada]]
* [[Sanctuary One]], [[Jacksonville, Oregon|Jacksonville]]
* [[Silver Creek Animal Sanctuary|Silver Creek]], [[Silverton, OR|Silverton]]
* [[The Sloth Center Sanctuary|Sloth Center]], [[Rainier, OR|Rainier]]
* [[Veganville Animal Sanctuary|Veganville]], [[Seaside, OR|Seaside]]
* [[Whispering Winds Animal Sanctuary|Whispering Winds]], [[Roseburg, OR|Roseburg]]
* [[WildCat Ridge Sanctuary|WildCat Ridge]], [[Scotts Mills, OR|Scotts Mills]]
* [[Wildwood Farm Sanctuary|Wildwood]], Newberg
* [[White Wolf Sanctuary|White Wolf]], [[Tidewater, OR|Tidewater]]
===Rhode Island===
* [[Norman Bird Sanctuary]], [[Middletown, Rhode Island|Middletown]]
===South Dakota===
* Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, [[Hot Springs, South Dakota|Hot Springs]]
* Spirit of the Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, Spearfish, South Dakota
* [[The Elephant Sanctuary (Hohenwald)|The Elephant Sanctuary]], [[Hohenwald, Tennessee|Hohenwald]]
* Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary, [[Robertson County, Tennessee|Robertson County]]
* [[Tiger Haven]], [[Roane County, Tennessee|Roane County]]
* [[Bat World Sanctuary]], [[Palo Pinto County, Texas|Palo Pinto County]]
* In-Sync Exotics, [[Wylie, Texas|Wylie]]<ref>[http://www.insyncexotics.com In-Sync Exotics]</ref>
* [[Primarily Primates]], [[Bexar County, Texas|Bexar County]]
* Thunder Paws Animal Sanctuary, [[Dripping Springs, Texas|Dripping Springs]]
* SARA Sanctuary, [[Seguin, Texas|Seguin]]
* Welcome Home Barnyard Sanctuary, [[Corpus Christi, Texas|Corpus Christi]]
* Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch, [[Murchison, Texas|Murchison]]
* Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary, [[Montgomery, Texas|Montgomery]]
* Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge, [[Tyler, Texas]]<ref>[http://www.tigercreek.org]</ref>
* [[Best Friends Animal Society]], Angel Canyon, near [[Kanab, Utah|Kanab]]
* Ching Farm Animal Rescue & Sanctuary, [[Riverton, Utah|Riverton]]
* Furry Friends Animal Sanctuary, [[Sanpete County, Utah|Sanpete County]]
* VINE Sanctuary, [[Springfield, Vermont|Springfield]]<ref>[http://vine.bravebirds.org/ VINE Sanctuary]</ref>
* United Poultry Concerns, [[Machipongo, Virginia|Machipongo]]<ref>[http://upc-online.org/ United Poultry Concerns]</ref>
* [[Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest]], [[Cle Elum, Washington|Cle Elum]]
* OPR Coastal Primate Sanctuary,  [[Longview, Washington|Longview]] http://oregonprimaterescue.com
* [[Pigs Peace Sanctuary|Pigs Peace]], [[Stanwood, Washington|Stanwood]]
* [[Pasado's Safe Haven]], [[Monroe, Washington]] <ref>[http://www.pasadosafehaven.org]</ref>
* [[Rooster Haus Rescue]], [[Skokomish, WA]]
* Home for Life, [[Star Prairie, Wisconsin|Star Prairie]]
* Animals Asia Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre, 2 hour drive from [[Hanoi]]<ref>[http://www.animalsasia.org/index.php?UID=G4XJK1R0VUV9/ Animals Asia Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre]</ref>
* Animals Asia Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre, 2 hour drive from [[Hanoi]]<ref>[http://www.animalsasia.org/index.php?UID=G4XJK1R0VUV9/ Animals Asia Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre]</ref>
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[[Category:Animal rights]]
[[Category:Animal rights]]

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This is a list of notable animal sanctuaries from around the world.






British Columbia (BC)

Nova Scotia





  • Medveotthon, Veresegyház. (bear sanctuary with wolves, reindeer & raccoons)
  • Repzootic Animal Center, Erdősmecske


See: Wildlife sanctuaries of India See: Bhindawas Wildlife Sanctuary


  • The Sathya Sai Sanctuary, Castlebaldwin
  • Dogs Aid Animal Sanctuary, Dublin, Ireland
  • National Exotic Animal Sanctuary, Ireland
  • Hungry Horse Outside, Longford



  • Fattoria della Pace Ippoasi Onlus (San Piero a Grado-Pisa)


  • The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
  • Amboseli Trust for Elephants
  • Tsavo National Park
  • African Fund for Endangered Wildlife Kenya limited (AFEW (K) LTD) also known as the Giraffe Centre
  • Old Pejeta Conservancy



  • Carers for Stray and Abandoned Felines

New Zealand

See also Marine reserves of New Zealand



South Africa

  • Hwange and Kruger National parks



See: List of reserves for waterbirds and migratory birds in Switzerland


  • Serengeti National Park


United Arab Emirates


United Kingdom

United States

See: List of animal sanctuaries in the United States



Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage

See also