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There are eight Loews Hotels at [[Vegan options at Universal Studios Florida|Universal Orlando]]
A list of [[vegan]] options was compiled by [[Universal Orlando Vegans]].
==Hard Rock Hotel Orlando==
===Emack & Bolio's Marketplace===
Sorbet (various flavors)<br>
===Hard Rock Hotel Character Dinner (at The Kitchen on select nights)===
Same menu as The Kitchen below (no extra charge)<br>
===The Kitchen===
Stir Fried Cauliflower "Rice"<br>
==Loews Portofino Bay Hotel==
Sorbet (various flavors)<br>
===Loews Portofino Bay Hotel Character Dinner (at Trattoria del Porto on select nights)===
Same menu as Trattoria del Porto below (no extra charge)<br>
===Trattoria del Porto===
Grilled & Roasted<br>
Beyond Burger<br>
===Mama Della's Ristorante===
Complimentary bread and olive oil (ask for no butter)<br>
Insalata Mama Della (Serves Two)<br>
Melanzana Napoli (modified, vegan without cheese)<br>
Pasta Primavera<br>
NOT Vegan:<br>
Pasta e Fagioli Soup (contains pork)<br>
Bruschetta con Burrata (contains egg)<br>
===Sal’s Market Deli===
Various Pizzas (dough is vegan as is, remove cheese)<br>
===Splendido Bar & Grill===
Chips and Salsa (ask for no sour cream; extra fee to add Avocado Mash)<br>
Orchard Fruit Platter (remove yogurt)<br>
Various entree salads (ask to modify, such as remove dairy cheese)<br>
Beyond Burger<br>
Black Bean & Quinoa Burger (remove tomato spread, request Hellman’s vegan mayo)<br>
French Fries<br>
Fruit Salad<br>
House Salad<br>
NOT Vegan:<br>
Vegetable Spring Rolls (dairy in the wrapper)<br>
Hearty Oatmeal<br>
Blueberry Oatmeal<br>
Bagels (plain, sprouted grain, or multigrain)<br>
Various vegan drinks (plant milks available)<br>
==Loews Royal Pacific Resort==
===Islands Dining Room===
Avocado Toast (request vegan, need to remove egg & cheese)<br>
Vegan Pancakes (gluten free)<br>
Crunchy Thai Salad<br>
Pad Thai with Tofu<br>
===Jake's American Bar===
Spaghetti & Vegan Meat Sauce<br>
The Beyond Burger
===Loews Royal Pacific Resort Character Dinner (at Islands Dining Room on select nights)===
Same menu as Islands Dining Room above (no extra charge)<br>
==Loews Sapphire Falls Resort==
===Amatista Cookhouse===
The Beyond Burger<br>
Grilled Pineapple Salad (dairy free; nut free)<br>
===New Dutch Trading Co.===
Vegan Salad<br>
Sabra hummus and crackers<br>
Fruit cup<br>
Silk almond milk or soy milk (8 oz)<br>
Olive snacks<br>
Roasted almonds or cashews<br>
Various sorbet flavors<br>
Various other snacks<br>
==Universal's Aventura Hotel==
Hearty Oatmeal<br>
Blueberry Oatmeal<br>
Bagels (plain, sprouted grain, or multigrain)<br>
Various vegan drinks (plant milks available)<br>
===Urban Pantry===
Wok - choice of fresh vegetables; select sushi rice; select tofu as the protein; choose either stir fry style (ask about sauces) or broth bowl (with the vegetable broth)<br>
The Great Beyond Burger<br>
Large selection of various grab and go vegan snacks<br>
Breakfast - ask to speak to a chef (off-menu vegan items include tofu breakfast sandwich with veggies and avocado, breakfast potatoes, oatmeal, bagels, fruit cup)<br>
==Universal's Cabana Bay Beach Resort==
===Atomic Tonic===
French Fries<br>
Fruit Cups<br>
Whole Fresh Fruit<br>
Uncrustables PB&J (kid's menu)<br>
===Bayliner Diner===
Beyond Burger (with modification, ask for mayo sauce to be removed)<br>
Vegan Stir Fry<br>
PB&J Uncrustables with Apple Slices and Carrot Sticks<br>
Breakfast Potatoes<br>
French Fries<br>
Jasmine Rice<br>
Black Beans<br>
Mixed Vegetables<br>
Cilantro Lime & Hearts of Palm Rice<br>
Curried Cauliflower<br>
Salad Bar<br>
Salads are now prepackaged<br>
===Delizioso Pizza===
Off menu personal Amy’s pizza<br>
Mixed Garden Salad with Tomatoes and Cucumber<br>
===Galaxy Bowl Restaurant===
Tater Tots<br>
Fresh Fruit<br>
Sweet Potato Fries<br>
Hearty Oatmeal<br>
Blueberry Oatmeal<br>
Bagels (plain, sprouted grain, or multigrain)<br>
Various vegan drinks (plant milks available)<br>
===The Hideaway Bar & Grill===
French Fries<br>
Chips with Salsa<br>
Fresh Fruit Salad<br>
Uncrustables PB&J Sandwich with French Fries, Carrots, or Apple Slices<br>
==Universal's Endless Summer Resort==
===Surfside Inn and Suites===
Tofu Scramble Bowl<br>
Breakfast Potatoes<br>
Plant Based Banh Mi Burger (off menu)<br>
Dinner (only available Friday and Saturday after 5pm)<br>
Herb Marinated Tofu Power Bowl with Lemon Tahini Vinaigrette
===Dockside Inn and Suites===
Pier 8 Market: Avocado Toast
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