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'''''': community project to create the biggest resource for and by vegans and vegetarians under a free license.
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==== ''Search more'' ====
==== ''Search more'' ====

[[Aubergines]], [[Cakes]], [[Chou-fleur]], [[Cauliflower]], [[Falafels]], [[Ice Creams]], [[Indian recepes]], nondairy [[Milk]],  [[Pancakes]], [[Pâte brisée]], [[Pizza]],[[Pumpkins]], [[Quiches]],
[[Aubergines]], [[Cakes]], [[Choufleur]], [[Cauliflower]], [[Falafels]], [[Ice Creams]], [[Indian recepes]], nondairy [[Milk]],  [[Pancakes]], [[Pâte brisée]], [[Pizza]],[[Pumpkins]], [[Quiches]],


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Vegan Chocolote Fudge

Veganwiki is a wiki about anything related to veganism. So far we have 704 articles. It was started in 2013 by Guaka, and hopefully you! This wiki is definitely not limited to vegan editors. In most places and cultures it's hard to be vegan. We want to encourage anyone to at least try a vegan diet for a while or some days of the week. So folks who eat meat or dairy are still very welcome to participate.

We have some basic guidelines. We'll also allow some vegetarian stuff - as for example a vegetarian restaurant in Brussels is already way better than 99% of the places that cater food, but we don't have space for recipes with cow milk or eggs.

Anyway, click a red link to start writing!


  • February 20th, 2013 - We have a preliminary logo thanks to Mikael!
  • February 18th, 2013 - was launched!


Why become vegan | How to become vegan | How to stay vegan | Travel guide | Raw veganism | History of veganism | Vegan Meli-Melo | Testimonials


Milk, chocolate, quinoa, soy, tofu, tempeh

honey, cheese, eggs, fish sauce, sugar


Random recipes

vegan chocolate cake,vegan pancakes,aubergines farcies,pâtes au chou-fleur grillé,

Search more

Aubergines, Cakes, Choufleur, Cauliflower, Falafels, Ice Creams, Indian recepes, nondairy Milk, Pancakes, Pâte brisée, Pizza,Pumpkins, Quiches,


B12, Calcium, Vitamin D

Animal rights

Animal testing, meat industry, pigs, rabbits, cows, horses, bees


Climate change, Deforestation and biodiversity loss, Water pollution, Water scarcity...

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Sister projects

Many of the folks here are also active on Trashwiki, Hitchwiki and BeWelcome