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"No meat allowed" sign at vegetarian restaurant entrance in Kuching.
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Vegan food in Zhun San Yen buffet type restaurant in Kuching.

Malaysia is a country in Asia, close to Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei and the Philippines. There are three main cuisines in the country – Malay, Chinese and Indian, the last two being the most vegan friendly. In general, it is easy to be vegan in bigger Malaysian cities (Kuala Lumpur, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu). However, things can get complicated in smaller towns or remote areas.

Malay food is based on meat and sea food, and even vegetable dishes may have small bits of meat or fish in them. There are few traditional Malay vegan dishes.

Chinese community in Malaysia has quite many vegetarian restaurants that serve a variety of vegan dishes. That is mostly because of some people following vegetarian diet for religious reasons. Many vegetarian Chinese food places are buffet type and are highly recommended for mock meat (seitan, soy meat) fans.

Indian food is the most vegetarian friendly, but vegans have to be aware of dairy products that are often used. Be aware of ghee, cream and other "secret" ingredients.

Because of the popularity of Islam and Arabic culture, there are quite a few Middle Eastern food restaurants in Malaysia where vegans can find falafel, hummus, etc.

When ordering food in non-vegetarian places, one is advised to be specific about each ingredient rather than ask for "vegan" or "strict vegetarian" food as these words can be easily misunderstood.