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Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden, and is situated on the western coast of Skåne just across the sea from Copenhagen in Denmark.

Vegan-friendly shops

There is a company in Malmö called Astrid och Aporna which produces their own brand of vegan food products, such as sausages and cheese among other things. They have a store on Aspögatan 1, 211 24 Malmö, where they sell all kinds of different vegan and organic products.

There are also vegan and vegetarian products available in almost every regular grocery store in Malmö, with some exceptions. Part of these products are from Astrid och Aporna, but there are others as well.

There are also several vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Malmö. Some examples are Kao's, a vegan restaurant, Glassfabriken, a vegan café with some food, Govinda's, a vegetarian restaurant, and then there are a couple of pizzerias that offer vegan alternatives - Rex, New York, and Al Garve.


Malmöfestivalen ,The Malmö Festival, is a festival that takes place all over Malmö one week a year in august. It was started in 1985 and has expanded since then, and now it attracts people from all over Sweden and Europe. It is a festival promoting culture in every way, with a lot of great music, art and theater among other things.

Malmöfestivalen also has an initiative that is great for vegans and vegetarians. Every year they have a couple of places with a lot of different food from all over the world, and lately they have started to demand of the companies providing the food to always have at least a vegetarian alternative and some of them even have vegan food. This is something that Malmöfestivalen promotes from an environmental perspective, as stated on their website (in swedish).



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