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#redirect [[Malek al-Foul]]
|address=Antoun Gemayel Street
|coordinates= 33.8977737, 35.4797037
|openingtimes=Monday - Sunday 8am - 3pm
[[File:hummusplates.jpg|thumb|300pix|Hummus with bread and vegetables at Malek al-Foul]]
Malek al-Foul arguably serves the best hummus in Hamra or even all of Beirut. Apart from hummus they offer foul (dip made from broad beans), balila (chick peas with oil and spices), and mutabbal baytinjan (crushed roasted eggplant with sesame paste, oil and spices) as vegan dishes. They come with bread, tomatoes, onion, fresh mint, and pickles.
The restaurant is quite small and beautifully simple and unpretentious. It closes some time during the afternoon, but sometimes they run out of mutabbal for example around noon. They don't have a shop sign outside, so look for the "beauty bag" sign and take the [http://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=18/33.89777/35.47942 shop right next to it], before the small vegetables shop.
Staff speak Arabic and are very sweet. They will not only take time to answer questions you have about the food, but they will even fill your own bowls and containers if you want to have take away without using plastic.

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