Melak al-Foul

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Restaurant name: Melak al-Foul

Address: address::Mahatma Gandhi Street In city::Beirut

Cuisine type: Vegness::Veg-friendly Yellow check.svg

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Kushari Society specializes - as it's name says - in this famous vegan Egyptian dish made of pasta, rice, lentils, chick peas, roast onions and tomato sauce. In this place the meal comes as "Kushari" which is the plain dish, and as "Kushari society" when it's accompanied by a hot sauce and a sour sauce with which you can season your plate yourself, just as it's traditionally eaten in Egypt. Apart from Kosheri they serve more vegan dishes such as foul, fattoush, tabboule or hummus with vegetables. The food is delicious and their Kosheri comes somewhat close to the ones you find in Cairo.

It's a relaxing place and a welcome self-made style alternative to the posh coffee shops and restaurants which you usually find in Hamra.

The Restaurant is tucked away in a little alley off Mahatma Gandhi Street between Bliss Street and Sidani Street. Its sign reads كشري (kosheri), but there is no sign in Latin letters. If you can't read Arabic ask for it in one of the shops nearby, people know it.

If you don't want bottled water with your food make sure to tell the waiter straight away.