Mezyan مزيان

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Restaurant name: Mezyan مزيان

Address: address::Rasamny Building, Hamra Street In city::Beirut

Cuisine type: Vegness::Veg-friendly Yellow check.svg

Website: website::

Phone number:

Opening times: Monday - Sunday 11am - 2pm

Last checked

last checked::2015/06/15 (please change the date if your visit was more recent)


This restaurant serves mostly Lebanese, Moroccan, Syrian and Armenian dishes. Their vegan dishes are marked clearly with a capital V and the gluten-free dishes with a capital G. There is only one vegan main course, but you can stuff your tummy and treat your taste buds with soups and salads and the wide variety of mezze like muhammara, hummus, mutabbal or baked hot potatoes they offer.

Staff is very friendly so don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions. The atmosphere is casual and you can enjoy a mint lemonade and a chat in the beautifully decorated main room or on the balcony. The crowd is quite mixed and it's a popular place for political activists, hipsters, and Europeans.

The prices are average for the area.

The restaurant name is written in Arabic only. It's somewhat hidden at the end of the entrance hall of a modern building next to Omar Abd al-Aziz Street right between Byblosbank and BLC Bank.