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Tofu Vegetable Delight<br>
Tofu Vegetable Delight<br>
Vegetable Delight<br>
Vegetable Delight<br>
== '''Thai Silk Restaurant''' ==

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List of vegan food options in Orlando, Florida, close to Universal Studios.

Vegan friendly

Hyatt Regency

24 Hour Market: All Day Dining [[1]]
Hot Pressed Vegan Meatball Sandwich
Green Goddess Vegetable Bowl

B-Line Diner

Seasonal Fruit Cup
Sunrise Fruit Plate
Steel Cut Oatmeal
Vegan Burrito

Kale Salad
Stuffed Avocado
Hummus Trio
Tofu Reuben
Garden Stack
Open Faced Beyond Burger

Late Night 11pm-6am[[4]]:
Hummus Trio
Vegan Burrito
Open Faced Beyond Burger

Vegan Berry Cheesecake

Fiorenzo (Not Currently in Operation)

White Bean Minestrone
Venetian Flatbread
Vegan Meatball Pomodoro

White Bean Minestrone
Local Heirloom Tomato Caprese
Creamy Farro and Orzo Risotto
Chikun Parmesan

Gelato & Sorbetto
Coconuts Poolside Bar & Grill[[9]]:
Hummus with Grilled Pita & Carrots
Mixed Green Salad (balsamic dressing only)
Chips & Dips

ICON Park/The Wheelhouse Market Food Hall/Sausage Shack

Vegan Chipotle
Vegan Bratwurst
Vegan Italian

Ole Red

Farmers Market Chopped Kale Salad
“Nacho” Average Vegan Burger

Yard House

Guacamole & Chips
Avocado Toast
Steamed Edamame
Hot & Spicy Edamame
Truffle Fries (ask for no parmesan cheese)
Sweet Potato Fries
Jumbo Bavarian Pretzel (remove beer cheese sauce)
House Salad (remove croutons & cheese)
Beyond Burger (vegan as is)
Gardein Wings Ancho BBQ, Buffalo (ask for no ranch dressing)
Gardein Wings Whiskey Black Pepper (vegan as is)
Gardein Chicken & Avocado Sandwich (remove mayo & cheese)
Gardein Orange Chicken (vegan as is)
Jasmine Rice
Spicy Rice
Pinto Beans (remove cheese)
French Fries

Hot Krust

Vegan Chicken Panini
Vegan BBQ Chicken
Vegan Buffalo Chicken
Yummy Turkey Vegan
Vegan Johnny’s House
Vegan Hawaiian
Vegan Razzle Dazzle
Roasted Beet & Chickpea Burger
Impossible Burger Vegan Style
Orlando Vegans Impossible Combo
Vegan Wings
Curly Fries
Tater Tots
Waffle Fries
Garden Salad
Almond Blondie (when available)

Tapa Toro

Beet Salad (remove goat cheese)
Fierce Potatoes (remove aioli, contains egg)
Crispy Brussels Sprouts (remove honey)
Smashed Hummus
Vegetarian Paella
Truffle Fries (remove manchego)

Coco Thai Orlando

Basil Rolls
Tofu Satay
Larb Tofu
Nam Sod Tofu
Tom Kha Tofu Soup
Vegan Thai Soup
Vegan Pho
Pad Prik
Prik King
Red Curry
Sweet & Sour
Basil Tofu
Tofu Vegetable Delight
Vegetable Delight

Thai Silk Restaurant