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=== Vegan friendly ===
=== Vegan friendly ===
* Black Water Bar
* [[Hot Lips Pizza]], 6 locations
* [[Hot Lips Pizza]], 6 locations
* Sizzle Pie
== Shops ==
== Shops ==

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Portland is a city in Oregon, a vegan outpost in the pacific Northwest of the United States.

According to "The Oregonian" Portland is "the most vegan-friendly city in the country"[1]. Portland has a vibrant vegan community, with a Facebook group called Portland Vegans which has close to 8.000 members. Popular attractions are the vegan mini-mall and Shady Pines Vegan Food Court

In the Autumn there is the annual NW VegFest at the convention center and Tofurky Trot, a 5k run.

Online groups

  • All Things Vegan Portland Meetup, on Meetup
  • Helpful Vegans Of Portland, Private group on FB
  • PDX Westside Vegans, PRIG on FB
  • Portland Metro Vegan Buy Nothing, Private group on FB
  • Portland Metro Veggies, on Meetup
  • Portland Vegan Deals, PRIG on FB
  • Portland Vegan Events, PRIG on FB
  • Portland Vegan Movie Club, PRIG on FB
  • Portland Vegan Queers, PRIG on FB
  • Portland Vegans, PRIG on FB
  • Soyboys Vegan Men's Group, for Gay Men on Meetup
  • The Conservative Vegans And Vegetarians Of Portland, Public group on FB
  • Vegan Business Exchange PDX, PRIG on FB
  • Veganic Gardening PDX, PRIG on FB
  • Vegan Potluck/Get Together/Game Night - Portland, OR, PRIG on FB



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See: Vegan eateries Portland, OR


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