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{{City |country=United States |Introduction=Portland, Oregon, a vegan outpost in the pacific Northwest.

Portland has a vibrant vegan community, with a Facebook group called Portland Vegans which has more than 7.500 members.

in the Autumn there is the annual NW VegFest at the convention center and Tofurky Trot a 5k run.

Vegan shops

  • Food Fight!, A vegan grocery store with 2 locations. the original is located in the vegan mini mall
  • Hairodactyl, all vegan hair salon on SE Belmont St.
  • Herbivore, Clothing, in the vegan mini mall


  • Try Vegan PDX
  • Northwest VEG


all vegan

  • AVIV, israeli, SE
  • Blossoming Lotus, NE
  • Canteen, SE
  • Bye and Bye, bar, NE
  • Homegrown Smoker, N
  • Ichiza Kitchen, Asian, SW
  • Loving Hut
  • No Bones Beach Club, bar, N
  • Papa G's, SE
  • Sweetpea, SE
  • The Sweet Hereafter, bar, SE
  • Veggie Grill
  • Virtuous Pie, SE
  • Vtopia, Restaurant & Cheese Shop, SW
  • Yuan Su, Chinese, SE


  • Harlow, SE
  • Prasad, NW

vegan friendly

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