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Restaurant name: Smålands Nation

Address: address::Kastanjegatan 7 In city::Lund

Cuisine type: Vegness::Vegetarian Olive green check.svg

Website: website::

Phone number: (+46) 46-12 06 80

Opening times:

Last checked

last checked::2013/12/26 (please change the date if your visit was more recent)


Smålands Nation is not a restaurant per se, but it serves hot meals some evenings. A "student nation" in Sweden is basically a place where student's live, and can organise activities and parties. Smålands is the resident leftist nation of Lund.

Every wednesday and saturday they have a pub or a club that also serve food, which I believe is always vegan. The food is very cheap, and they also have very cheap beer. Unfortunately you need to be a member or get a certain guest pass to get in to the club, but if you stay for a while you can get a guest pass at the reception of Smålands. They also have some cafés now and then that serve food, for instance there is "Kalles Kafé" on sundays that serves lunch which is vegetarian and they probably have vegan alternatives. No cards, only cash! /Lasse Bark