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As in other average French cities, vegan places are quite rare. We can at least find some shops or restaurants wich are, if not vegan, at least vegetarian or vegan friendly.


Organic stores, even if distributing meat, eggs and dairy products, are nice places to find specific and sometimes rare vegan groceries :

  • Biocoop
  • Serpent Vert

Markets are nice places to find vegetables :

  • Neudorf, Place du Marché
  • Boulevard de la Marne
  • Producteurs (place du Marché aux Poissons, currently moved rue de la Douane) : the greatest one, with only organic, local and season products, sometimes rare vegetables, as old traditional apple species, savage garlic, special pumkins, ... unfortunately not the cheapest

AMAPS Amps are consumers cooperatives wich are buying directly to some choosen farmers.


Some restaurant are at least vegan friendly :

  • La Robe des Champs
  • Le Potiron


  • Animal Protection and promotion of vegetarianism; Animalsace. See link below.
  • THe Food no Bombs collective is normaly organizing a free vegan food once a month (the second wednesday), rue du Faubourg National.