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Thailand, officially the Kingdom of Thailand (Tahi: ราชอาณาจักรไทย), is a country in SE Asia.

Bangkok is the capital and most populous city.

Thai cuisine

Taohu thot nam makham (Thai script: เต้าหู้ทอดน้ำมะขาม) is deep-fried tofu served with a spicy sauce made from tamarind.

It has a well-known cuisine, with wonderful options for vegans. Thai cooking, places emphasis on lightly prepared dishes with strong aromatic components and a spicy edge.

Vegetarianism in Thailand

Vegetarianism is not considered obligatory in Theravada Buddhism; but having an animal killed specifically to feed Buddhist monks is prohibited. Therefore meat dishes are also commonly part of the alms offered to Buddhist monks in Thailand.

Although the Vegetarian Festival is celebrated each year by a portion of Thailand's population, and many restaurants in Thailand will offer vegetarian food during this festival period, pure vegetarian food is usually difficult to find in normal restaurants and eateries in Thailand.

All traditionally made Thai curries, for instance, contain shrimp paste, and fish sauce is used as salt in many Thai dishes.

In most towns and cities, traditional Buddhist vegetarian fare, without any meat or seafood products of any kind is sold at specialized vegetarian restaurants, which can be recognized by a yellow sign with in Thai script the word che (Thai: เจ) or ahan che (Thai: อาหารเจ) written on it in red. These restaurants serve what can be regarded as vegan food.

Many Indian restaurants of the sizable Thai-Indian community will also have vegetarian dishes on offer, due to the fact that vegetarianism is held as an ideal by many followers of the Hindu faith.

Pescatarians would have very few problems with Thai cuisine due to the abundance of Thai dishes which only contain fish and seafood as their source of animal protein.



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