The Martian (film)

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The Martian is a 2015 American science fiction film directed by Ridley Scott and starring Matt Damon. The film is based on Andy Weir's 2011 novel The Martian, which was adapted into a screenplay by Drew Goddard. Damon stars as an astronaut who is mistakenly presumed dead and left behind on the planet Mars, and who then fights to survive. The film also features Jessica Chastain, Kristen Wiig, Jeff Daniels, Michael Peña, Kate Mara, Sean Bean, Sebastian Stan, Aksel Hennie, and Chiwetel Ejiofor in supporting roles.

Mindset to understand the real concept of the movie

  • Remove Money (it's a commercial movie from the United States)
  • Remove Politics (it's a movie that makes many political assumptions)
  • Remove Continentalism/Nationalism (it's a movie any cultural things including media manipulation which the media around the world is known for)
    • As this is a science fiction movie, I would like to see the same movie in the perspective of different continents of the World, like

Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania or South Amercia

Vegan context

  • It's science fiction and therefore everything is not based on a true story, keep that in mind
  • You will see a person which will plant potatoes and eat them with whatnot, I also saw a grape juice, not sure that was vegan :)
  • You will not see any animals killed
  • Personally I think it's good entertainment if you are able to remove the 3 topics: Money, Politics and Continentalism, but I'm sure there are better movies if you wann learn about Veganism, there are a lot of free Film documentary to watch. So choose wisely.

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